Das Nomos-Swing-System

In 2014, the manufacturer celebrated its declaration of independence: with the NOMOS swing system – the in-house range (or also: regulating system) from NOMOS Glashütte. A tiny assembly, light as a spring – but it is the heart of the mechanical clock. A technical sensation.

The quest for independence

However, NOMOS Glashütte, like all watch companies worldwide, was not completely independent of deliveries from third parties until 2014. The asrange, the tiny but highly complex heart of any calibre, without which a mechanical watch makes neither tick nor tack, had to and must buy almost all manufacturers from a single supplier in Switzerland. Few specialists today know how to construct and build an assortment of asses – who keep their knowledge like a treasure. There is no specialist literature on this, no tools to buy.

The NOMOS Swing System

The hour zero

The NOMOS swing system in the DUW 3001 manutural caliber. By the way: DUW stands for Deutsche Uhrwerke.

Valuable knowledge

Mathematical calculations for the construction of the clock are also searched in vain. The art of constructing an assortment of asses no longer seemed to be important for a long time, because in the 1970s, 1980s, when all the world was asking for quartz watches, when technology seemed to triumph over craftsmanship and aesthetics, no one was interested in how time was mechanically divided into hours, minutes, seconds. Gone, today people appreciate the craftsmanship in fine mechanical watches and their beauty again. But the knowledge needed to build an assortment of goods has all but disappeared in the meantime.

Years of research

In order to be independent of the supply by third parties, to be able to produce its own asrange and to make the manufactory independent for years and decades, NOMOS Glashütte, together with the Technical University of Dresden, set out on the Herculean task of and began to research. For many years, a lot of geometry, kinematics, torque and amplitude measurement.



A tiny assembly, light as a spring – but it is the heart of the mechanical clock. Here you can see: the designers Lutz Reichel (l.) and Theodor Prenzel.

Beautiful to see: The temperature-cooled balance spiral

A first in the industry

The finished range of products was presented at Baselworld 2014, the most important and largest watch fair in the world. NOMOS Glashütte was now able to produce what almost no one else in the world can: produce its own control system in series. “For us, it feels a bit like landing on the moon,” NOMOS chief Uwe Ahrendt said at the time. “Even Apple is looking more closely,” the FAZ headlined. A new era began for the manufactory.

The NOMOS swing system initially set the pace in the new metro hand-wound watch, which immediately became a bestseller. Since then, all calibers – all of which were made in-house anyway – have been gradually equipped with the new miracle system. In the not-so-distant future, all new NOMOS watches will be powered by the swing system.