Glashütte Nomos Modellübersicht Heimat der Nomos-Manufaktur

Glashütte – a small town between forests and hills, south of Berlin and near Dresden – is located in the German Osterzgebirge. The watches that are built here are world famous, the watchmakers are among the best of their guild.


Fine timepieces have been built in Glashütte for more than 170 years – the love of watches has a tradition here like hardly anywhere else.



Glashütte station

Glassworks – the history

Pre-assembly at Nomos in Glashütte

Origins in the 19th century

Since the 15th century, the people of this area have lived on mining. When the silver and copper ore deposits dried up, the need was great. In 1845, for example, the King of Saxony, Frederick August II, sent the master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange to bring new times to Glashütte: he was to train the people there as watchmakers and to build a Swiss-style watchmaking industry; with designers, regulators, dial, pointer and housing manufacturers; with work-sharing production.




Renaissance after the fall of the Wall

In the years of war and the GDR, the place and its industry suffered, but the knowledge, the expertise have remained and grown. Since then, since 1845, the name of the small town has been synonymous with the world’s best watches – and now better known than ever. After the fall of the Wall, the NOMOS factory was the first to go into production with its watches and write a success story that is unparalleled.

Founded in 1990 by Roland Schwertner, NOMOS Glashütte is now the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches in Germany. Nobody builds more watches in Germany than the factory of Nomos Glashütte. And by hand!

A good 260 employees produce watches and calibres of the very first quality on site: in the former Glashütte station, in the NOMOS chronometry on the Erbenhang, in finishing and manufacturing in Glashütte-Schlottwitz. Glashütte is, of course, the largest location of NOMOS Glashütte. However, there are other employees in New York and especially in Berlin – in total there are now more than 300.



Insight into the manufactory

With incredible effort, the NOMOS watchmakers manufacture and refine the many parts of the calibre almost completely by hand. Only where high-tech is more precise and superior to manual work, where it is about thousandths of a millimeter, noMOS Glashütte also uses machines.

The concept of manufactory

In the world of fine mechanical watches, a manufacturer is called a “manufacture” – and highly valued – when he does not buy the works of his watches from third parties, but designs and builds them himself. NOMOS Glashütte develops and manufactures only its own caliber; every watch is created in our house, on site in Glashütte.

Most of it is done by hand. Milling boards, bridges and wheels, bluking screws, smoothing edges, regulating caliber to the finest – those who want to build the best watches need a lot, a lot of patience. Years pass from the first design drawing to the market maturity, until the watch can be sent into the world.

Tradition meets innovation

In March 2014, a sensation was presented: the heart of the movement, specially designed and built by NOMOS. In the watch language it is also called assortiment, at NOMOS Glashütte it is called: the NOMOS-Swing-System.




The Nomos Swing system – absolutely unique in the watch industry.