"Unter einer guten Form verstehen wir eine natürliche, aus ihren funktionellen und technischen Voraussetzungen entwickelte Form eines Produktes, das seinem Zweck ganz entspricht und das gleichzeitig schön ist." max bill 1949

maximum minimum


Max Bill was an architect, painter, sculptor and product designer. His work was shaped by the Bauhaus philosophy and therefore always reduced to the essentials. Our collaboration began during his time as rector at the Ulm University of Design. From 1956 he designed kitchens, table and wall clocks that made design history. The logical dial design was also taken up by him in 1961 when designing the wristwatches, which are now considered design icons. Max Bill strived for constructive clarity and precise proportions. Whether he was dealing with a watch or a work of art, both were for him “design of the environment” and had to be suitable for everyday use


Schramberg in the Black Forest

For more than 150 years Junghans has given the time its own face. The attention to detail, the high standards of design and quality as well as a technology competence that has grown over generations characterize the products of the watch factory Junghans since its foundation in 1861. Values that form the foundation of the success story of the company from Schramberg in the Black Forest. As early as 1903, Junghans was the largest watch manufacturer in the world with more than 3,000 employees.

The development of precise movements made the company the largest chronometer manufacturer in Germany in 1951 and the third largest in the world in 1956. After an eventful and eventful company history, the Schramberg entrepreneurs Dr. Hans-Jochem and Hannes Steim take over the traditional company in 2009 and initiate a new phase of growth. Junghans still manufactures all watches on the historic company premises.

The collection


Purist and always without date, the manual winding models stand out due to their filligranity. The curved hard plexiglass conjures up the characteristic charm of watches from the 1960s and at the same time gives the watch a completely independent shape.


For those who would like to be a bit bigger and want to wear the puristic design even more pronounced, the models with automatic movement are the optimal companion. Models are available with or without date windows.


The mechanical crowning of the collection is the Chronoscope line, which in addition to the stopwatch functionality can also be extended optionally with date functionality and weekday display.